Short Visits Home, Not Enough Time

This past weekend we took a trip back to Atlanta and it was so needed. A month after moving here, we celebrate by going home. 🙂 A little backward, but hey, practically everyone we know is turning 30 this year, so it was worth it.

Timmy turned 30 last Saturday and just like past years, his physical body actually aged 25 years. We may look young on the outside peeps (really young, in fact, I still get carded. I think the baldness gives it away for Timmy though), but our bodies haven’t been happy with us in forever. But we did our best to carry on sans canes, and I think we did a pretty good job celebrating! Unfortunately, this weekend hadn’t been planned in advance so I don’t feel like we gave it our all. Timmy had originally planned to come back to Atlanta because our old high school is in the state finals for wrestling. And having been a top notch wrestler back in his day, the coach asked him and another good friend Jake to give a pump-up speech to the current team. And that’s what Timmy had planned on doing for his 30th. I was bummed because of course I wanted to do something big for him, but hey, his 30th, his choice. And we’re definitely pro-choice in this household (see what I did there?). I decided to go to Atlanta too and RSVP-ed yes for a few bday parties that were on Timmy’s actual bday but knew it wouldn’t be a big deal since he’d be at the finals.

(Side note: I’m telling you everyone’s parents got busy in May, at the first sight of skin when the heat hits. Everyone I know has a February birthday.)

And then the plans went to the crapper. Turns out the coach gave Timmy and Jake the wrong dates, and the finals are actually this coming weekend. So no motivating speech. Booked plane tickets for kinda no reason. And no planned party to celebrate my man’s monumental birthday. So to everyone who got a random text from Timmy last weekend seeing if you wanted to meet us at Sweetwater or at a bar or anything, you may have wondered why he’s with such a shitty girlfriend who doesn’t plan parties for him. You have just now received the explanation why and eff off if you did think that.

But we did end up having a really wonderful and relaxing weekend. Friday night, my family treated Timmy to a pre-bday dinner at Kyma, which is so crazy good you must check it out. If you leave without trying the grilled octopus, it’s like I don’t even know you. Do it, and you’ll thank me. Then we celebrated on Saturday, just the two of us, with a trip to our fav, Sweetwater Brewery, and then dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. That place was amazing, but no joke, our waiter was cray cray. He was like the Americanized version of Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch. I didn’t understand a single word he said to us the whole night, and Timmy had to serve as his translator. Ridic. After stuffing ourselves with delicious meat, we met some friends out for their bday parties; it was wonderful to see our friends, glowing and loving and happy. And then our ages kicked us in the asses and we hightailed it home at 12:30 am for sweet sweet sleep.

Here are a few shots from the weekend so you can feel like you also got drunk at Kyma and Sweetwater and celebrated really loudly with a bunch of Spaniards and a Panamanian (my dad).

How I unwind and prepare for flying

How I unwind and prepare for flying

fried cheese and grilled octopus. SHUT. UP.

fried cheese and grilled octopus. SHUT. UP.

love her

love her


Chocolate pancakes, bacon, and OJ. Power 30th breakfast

Chocolate pancakes, bacon, and OJ in bed. Power 30th breakfast.


We really love supporting our local brews, and you can't beat Sweetwater.

We really love supporting our local brews, and you can’t beat Sweetwater.

Isn't that a happy man?

Isn’t that a happy man?

Our first guest in Lakeland!

Our first guest in Lakeland! The Barbs came to visit!

celebrating once again, but in Lakeland and with our first guest!

celebrating once again, but in Lakeland and with our first guest!

I will eventually suck it up and buy a nice camera so that pictures on the blog are all pretty and professional looking. But you need $ to do that and I’d really rather spend it elsewhere right now. So I’ll leave you with this gem of a picture because it was his weekend and he deserves the world. Love him so hard.


Love this man.

Love this man.

♥, VB

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