Nostalgia, a.k.a., We Seriously Wore the Worst Clothes in the Mid 90s

This past weekend, and the weekend before that, I went a-traveling to my homes-away-from-home. The weekend before last, I was in Atlanta to celebrate the Bully Ball, which is the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue annual fundraising gala. Timmy and I were invited last year as well by the Lyons, who are pretty much one of the best families ever, aside from mine and Timmy’s. No joke, they’re so fun, and we are always happy to hang out with them, if even for a night. Timmy couldn’t make it this year for a story I’ll let him talk about if he wants to (vague enough for you?), so I went alone to enjoy the night for the both of us. Which is to say, it wasn’t as fun as it should’ve been had he been there. It was at the Four Seasons (cause we’re fancy y’all), and my dates were Jake and his wife Erika. We LOVE them. Let me repeat that. WE LOVE THEM. Jake has had a rough go the last few years with a Stage 4 colorectal and liver cancer diagnosis, but to look at him, he’s smoking hot. Dapper and suave, like he was in high school, and his wife Erika, get out of here. They make quite the fine couple, let me tell you. So needless to say, our combined crushes on the two of them make us drop what we’re doing if it means we get to hang with them.

Last year, I won the greatest silent auction item in the history of the world, which was a basket of tickets to events around Atlanta. I won it for $170, and no one else even bid on it. Let me tell you what I won, and then that $170 price tag will make your head spin:

  • 2 tix to Atlanta Ballet’s “Man in Black”, a tribute to Johnny Cash (which was Timmy’s first ballet)
  • 2 tix to Fox Theatre “Les Miserables”
  • 2 tix to the Symphony
  • 4 tix to the High Museum (that don’t expire, thankyouverymuch)
  • 2 tickets to the Alliance Theatre’s “The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” (written by Stephen King, music by John Mellencamp)

Yeah, no one else bid on it. Best prize EVER.

We had a great time and looked amazing. Here’s proof.



This year, the prizes weren’t as amazing as last year’s, but I did manage to win a UGA Dawgs plate and bag giftset which I won for my sis and bro-in-law bc I couldn’t care less about college football and I also was a little drunk competitive. I also won a basket of full size Bumble & Bumble hair products which was a total jackpot for me since I’m cheap and will never buy their products bc they’re too expensive. So the whole night was a success, and a good time was had by all! Continue reading

I Want to Go to There

I am one of those people that’s a complete sucker for dorky touristy adventures. I will never say no to a good, cliche amusement park or museum. Since we live in Lakeland, the home of Publix, we have been told by numerous people that there is a Publix museum. Dedicated to the wonder of Publix obviously, but I’m so freaking excited to go to it. I don’t know what will be on display, but I nevertheless will be amused by whatever’s in there.

Yet there is one place that is on the top of my list to visit. No, not Disney, or Universal, or even Busch Gardens (though believe me, that one’s in the top 5). Everyday, on my way to and from work, I pass this place. When I say my heart starts to beat faster and my mind races with ideas of how much freaking fun I will have by stepping through the doors, I wholeheartedly mean it. It happens everytime I drive by it, and my curiosity just grows and grows and grows. Judge me if you will, I couldn’t care less. I LIVE for places like this.

In case you didn't believe it existed

I’m not kidding. Picture proof in case you didn’t believe it existed.

Now can you imagine my excitement?!?! This place looks freakin amazing! OMG. I can’t wait. Timmy and I are heading there the first chance we get.

♥, VB

Wanted Now: Patience and Calm

Before we moved, my parents gave us some words of wisdom to live by once we got to Florida. They told us to have patience with each other, the situation, our jobs, with everything because from now on, it was just going to be the two of us. We wouldn’t have the tight knit circle of friends in Lakeland that we did in Atlanta, and even though everyone is just a phone call away, it’s a totally different feeling to be alone without easy access to your social circle.

Boy, this week, we had to remind ourselves of those words of advice about a billion times. This week was a doozy.

We probably picked a fight with each other at least 2x a day, if not more. It was really just one of those weeks in a relationship where everything seems to blow up, no one can keep his/her temper in check, and everything sets you off. I know it’s normal, and every relationship goes through those phases. We have before, but this week felt different, mainly because of the whole isolation thing we’ve got going on here. I spend more than two hours a day in the car going back and forth from work. I’m LOVING my job so don’t get me wrong. This whole commuting thing is super new to me, and it totally sucks driving in the morning with the sun coming up, and driving in the evening with the sun setting. I can’t wait for daylight savings because at least I’ll feel like I have more daytime to do things. So I’ve been exhausted and cranky. Timmy’s been home most of the week, making phone calls and has had no one else to talk to during the day other than Floyd.

Man those two have a beautiful thing going on.

Man those two have a beautiful thing going on.

We haven’t explored anything in the area in three weeks, other than a few trips to our local Applebee’s and a local restaurant to meet up with our one friend here in Lakeland. We turn into hermits on the weekends and all I want to do is sleep the days away. Throw in a menstrual cycle, and that, my friends, is the perfect storm. Continue reading