The First Week

So we just wrapped up our first complete work week in Florida. Yes Timmy’s been working since mid December in FL, but this was the first consistent, we-have-a-place-to-live-and-have-a-routine, work week without any traveling back to Atlanta mixed in. In summary, I’m exhausted. Join me will you, as I recap our week and help you feel like you lived it with us.

I was a bit panicked this week at the thought of my now hour-long commute, back and forth to St. Petersburg. I’ve never lived more than 20 minutes away from work, so driving 60+ miles each way is still a little daunting. Thankfully me and my MINI are really good friends, and we only had to fill up gas 2x this week (imagine some other car. Holy crap, I’d immediately have to buy a hybrid). The commute so far hasn’t been too bad, it’s just been pretty sucky to leave when it’s dark and get home when it gets dark. I have to get up at 6 AM most mornings and be out the door no later than 6:45. And anyone who knows me knows I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Mornings are the worst. Period.

But where I work is pretty amazeballs, and it’s only January. I can’t wait to see what happens this semester! It’s beautiful, right next to the waterfront, and gets tons of sunlight. Quite the departure from all my CDC cave-offices.

This is where I work. Lovely days ahead.

This is where I work. Lovely days ahead.

These babies won't be pale for much longer.

These babies won’t be pale for much longer.

But I also have to think about how am I going to fit in working out and who is going to watch Floyd? I need a hot yoga studio because of my back problems and it’s always hard finding one that offers classes that are at convenient times in a convenient location. Yoga is really the only exercise I can do with any results that won’t injure me any further. So that’s my plan for this upcoming week, is trying to establish some sort of work out routine and find a hot yoga studio. Continue reading

Arriving and then Leaving

After a 7.5 hour car ride with Floyd in the passenger seat, we finally made it to Orlando yesterday. Not an eventful ride, although around hour 4, I started to slowly lose my mind. Floyd’s great and all, but he can’t really carry on a conversation (which is funny compared to Timmy who could talk to a plant and feel like he learned a lot from it).

Floyd in his bed in the passenger seat. He looks comfy, but he was mad at me. That's all the room he had to move.

Floyd in his bed in the passenger seat. He looks comfy, but he was mad at me. That’s all the room he had to move.

Also, driving by yourself with an adopted pet who’s quite anxious, it’s pretty challenging. You have to make sure they’re not overheating, bored, upset when you get out of the car to get gas or go to the bathroom, make sure they’re drinking water, etc. Needless to say, we went and got Mexican food nearly the second I unloaded the car.

And to top it all off, YOU CAN’T FIT ANYTHING IN A MINI COOPER. I had to leave half of my stuff at my parents’ house, the stuff that was only supposed to last me the two months I was staying with them. That was really uncool man, uncool. But whatever, stuff is stuff, I’m just concerned now about moving from here to Lakeland tomorrow. We HAVE to do this tomorrow so that we have time to unpack and get settled, get cable and internet installed, all before I start work next Monday.

And poor Timmy. Continue reading