Hello Wedding Season, We Meet Again

For some people, wedding season starts and ends at clear times. For Timmy and I, it’s never ending. I say “season” with a smirk because truly, it’s year-round for us. Last year, we were invited to 13 and made it to 11. By Feb 2013, we had 8 already in the books for the rest of the year. We did have a little respite from November until March, which would’ve been more appreciated if not for the moving to another state, moving from two cities in FL, back and forths to Atlanta, and a hellish commute thrown in for good measure. But I’m not going to lie, if wedding season had to start back up again, it could not have been for a more amazing couple, Denise and Vinnie, and awesome wedding.

Denise and Vinnie

Join me, will you, as a I recap my friendship with Denise and how Timmy and I came to be at this first of many many MANY weddings of 2013.

I met my bestie Denise at NYU during our study abroad in London the summer before senior year. We hit it off immediately, along with her roomie at the time, Nikki, and the next year, the 3 of us were inseparable.

Time to do the car wash dance in London summer 2005!

Time to do the car wash dance in London summer 2005! God I was tan

just another after party in our dorms in London

just another after party in our dorms in London

This is what happens after a lot of vodka. Not bad.

This is what happens after a lot of vodka in NY in your early 20s. Not bad.

I had actually met Denise in my freshman orientation group the summer before college even started, but we never made it past then for some reason. Thinking back, how much did that suck for me?! We should’ve been friends from the beginning!! I could’ve had delicious home cooked Peruvian food for years thanks to her abuela (she is missed)!! I guess we’ll never know what it could’ve been like instead, *sniff, sniff*.

This wedding weekend was to celebrate Denise and Vinnie. My bestie Denise married her mestie (her man bestie) Vinnie, and they are incredible. They are both so cool, calm, collected. Really, the three Cs. I always feel like I smoked a joint after hanging out with them, that’s how chill they are. Continue reading

I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry

I find it funny that this blog has now become the “What did they do on the weekend” update. I hate to break it to you, but not much happens during the week, so the weekend stories are really all I got. Sure, there’s a lot of riveting driving action, to and from St. Pete, including stories of horrific traffic with no end, no accidents that caused the traffic, and the occasional 2 hour commute home that culminates with me crying out of sheer frustration for the last hour. There’s also sweaty hot yoga a few times a week that keeps me out of traffic for a nice smooth drive home, but also an arrival time around 8 PM that doesn’t leave any time for cooking or errand running.

But that’s really not something I like to relive, so we’ll skip that and move onto the fun.

Last weekend was the BESTEST. My sister, bro-in-law, and niece came to stay with us and we went to Disneyworld!! I had been looking forward to going to Disney ever since we got down here since we live about 45 minutes from it and to top it off, I got to go with my 3.5 year-old niece on her first trip ever to Disney?!! GET OUT OF HERE. It was amazeballs. They went to Magic Kingdom on Friday, did as much of the park as they could, and then we all went again on Saturday to finish it up.

so excited for Disney!

so excited for Disney!

Timmy couldn’t go because he was feeling a little under the weather, which sucked because it didn’t feel the same without him there. See, I took him to Disneyworld in 2011 as a thank you for taking care of me after I had reconstructive ankle surgery earlier that year. He had never been as a child (WTF) and so we went on a magical adventure that week. BTW, if you get the chance to go, go the week before a break, like the week before Thanksgiving like we did. There was NO ONE there, we rode all of the rides without lines, some multiple times, and there was no smothering heat like I remember as a child in the summer. It was hands-down, one of the best vacations I’ve ever ever ever been on. So to go back without him wasn’t cool.

It was definitely an interesting trip to Disney. Continue reading