Why It’s Good to Live With Your Partner: Lesson #247

I’ve been a single mom to Floyd for a week and a half now and I’ve learned some pretty important things about living alone after living with a partner for a year and a half. First thing: God the house is so much cleaner. I love my man, but geez, the place finally stays clean once I leave it that way. I do miss that part.

But I think the lesson for this week was made apparent last night.

Lesson #247: It’s good to live with your partner because they keep you from scarfing down the majority of chocolate pieces out of the Special K® Chocolatey Delight cereal by subtly judging you.

When you live with someone, your secret behaviors aren’t so secret anymore. Living with my old roomie Lyndsay was wonderful because when you’re a woman and you NEED chocolate (esp during the best time of the month ever), another woman roommate ain’t gonna stand in your way. And Timmy’s been the best, occasionally running out and grabbing me a brownie or chocolate chip cookies when I’m in dire straits (probably because he knows what’s good for him). He has thrown a little shade my way though sometimes, like perhaps the day I took down nearly all of the cinnamon rolls by myself (DON’TJUDGEMEINEEDEDSWEETFOOD!). Thankfully, those days are really really uncommon, so I don’t feel the need to be ashamed or embarrassed. We all need cheat days.

But I really could’ve used his help last night keeping that in check. It’s more fun attempting to eat bad stuff when someone’s giving you the side eye.


♥, VB

Significantly Insignificant

I’ve been struggling this week with writing a blog post for a number of reasons. One, nothing has really happened lately. We’ve been chugging along, doing our thangs, like we normally do. Timmy went out of town with his late father’s friends and all their sons for their annual fishing trip, then a quick stop in Atlanta to give out special awards at our high school’s wrestling banquet (celebrating the newly crowned State Champions!) in honor of his father as well as with our friend Jake, then off to Vegas for a work training. Next weekend is his mom’s wedding (when I’ll finally see him), and I’m sure after that, we’ll have tons of interesting and hilarious stories to share. Until then, I’m just taking care of Floyd as a single mom.

(Actually, side note: I did attend a kickball Meetup group in Tampa on Saturday, and I had a great time. It was nice getting out of the house and meeting people while having fun. I’m paying for it dearly today and am walking around like one of our many many senior citizen neighbors here in FL. Turns out that being a yoga devotee doesn’t set you up well for playing kickball. Who knew?)

But I was also having trouble writing anything down because of the horrible events that happened last week. The TX fire was horrendous, and I’m still so sad to hear about that tragedy. What a terrible thing to happen. But the Boston Marathon bombings hit a little too close to home for me and I’ve been definitely dealing with it alone. Not because I don’t have a supportive partner but because it brought me back to another time in my life that Timmy couldn’t possibly understand the same way.

When I started at NYU, I had never really been to NY, other than to visit the campus as a senior in high school. I knew I needed to be, had to be there, and applied early admission. When I found out I was accepted, I quickly decided that I didn’t give a flying f*&k about school anymore and dreamt of my new life as a liberated adult in NYC. It was the start of a brand new life, free of everything I had ever known and it was time to define myself in a entirely new way.

Two weeks later, 9/11 happened. Continue reading

How to Help Those Affected by the Boston Marathon Tragedy

I won’t say much other than I feel sad. But I also feel hopeful because during times like these, people rise up and help those who need it. Tragedies test us, but we’re strong enough to overcome them. Here are a few ways we can help those who need us most now:

  • The Red Cross says the best way to help right now is to get in touch with loved ones through its Safe And Well Listings. The organization is not asking for blood donations at this time.
  • The Salvation Army is offering food, beverages and crisis counseling to survivors and first responders. Find out how you can get involved here.
  • Some marathon runners are stranded in Boston and in need of places to stay. Find out how you can offer housing here.
  • Anyone with info about the incident can call 1-800-494-TIPS.

♥, VB

Florida and All Its Weirdness Turns 500

Florida and All Its Weirdness Turns 500

Have you ever stopped to look at the headlines and realized how many come from FL? And not even the normal, humdrum news. It’s like crazy eye-grabbing news, like “FL man arrested for downloading more than 1 million child pornography images” and “Pythons on the loose in FL” and “Dwayne Wade battles his crazy ass ex-wife for custody of his children because she’s crazy” (ok, I just threw that last one in, but I’m sure I’m paraphrasing a real headline about that). Remember the man-eating-another-man’s-face-because-of-bath-salts (but not really)? FL. Remember the man dying from roach eating contest. FL again.

WTF FL!? Where did we move to??

♥, VB

A Little Insight Into Our Lives

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

We are dorks, and we really cannot deny that fact. Timmy and I are constantly cracking each other up with dumb sayings, weird looks, and of course, his impersonations of any character on Family Guy and Christopher Walken. One our favorite people to impersonate is Mark Wahlberg. Say what?? Why Marky Mark, you ask. Well first of all, I just told you that we’re dorks, so pay attention. Second, watch this SNL skit from a while back and you’ll understand why. We actually talk to animals like that now, including Floyd.

If you don’t laugh, it’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore.

♥, VB