High Five for Friday

Today is yet another gloomy day in what is normally sunny, happy Florida weather. It doesn’t do much for my already sleep-deprived self, so I’m still trying to amp up the energy in anticipation for this weekend. It’s a St. Pete weekend and we’re celebrating Timmy’s 31st birthday! Last year’s 30th wasn’t exactly the birthday of dreams, so this time I’ve planned on so much more.

We’re having dinner on Saturday at a fancy restaurant on Beach Drive, which always peaked my curiosity every time I passed by on my daily walks last year. So pumped to go out and explore more of what this city has to offer.

Again, I’m still not heavy on the weekday action because I’m still binging on season 11 of Law & Order SVU. Until I’m done (I think it’s at season 14 currently), expect more boring stories. But, I’m pumped it’s Friday, and here’s why.

1.  I walked 10 miles this week. That’s awesome for obvious health reasons, but more so because I figured out that I can make my dog even more exhausted after a romping day at doggy daycare by making him walk with me. Cruel? Not so much. Genius? YES.

2. I revised my Belgian waffle recipe to include vanilla soy milk and WHAT A YUMMY DIFFERENCE. Sweet and thicker without being sugary and heavy. We have a staff breakfast potluck once a month, and I decided to try out a new recipe. I rocked it. Add chocolate chips and/or craisins, and I die.

3. Randomly, I got to hang out with one of my closest college friends on Saturday and it was completely unplanned. I was on FB and saw that Alex had checked into the Dali museum in downtown St. Pete and I immediately texted him. Turns out, he forgot I didn’t live in Atlanta anymore, and so we made plans to go out to dinner with another college friend and a new friend who lives in Tampa. We had a blast. We went to Bern’s Steakhouse, which was crazy amazing. The food was incredible and the place was cray cray. We were there for 2.5 hours, drinking, dining, and then eating dessert in their dessert room upstairs. Seriously, if you get a chance, save up and go there. We got a kitchen tour, wine cellar tour, and had a wonderful time. We also went out where the young people are, and I finally felt part of the world again.

4. Because I’m the best girlfriend in the world, I scored amazing tickets to 3 Braves Spring Training games in March for Timmy’s birthday. Their training games are held in Orlando, which makes it super convenient for him. He didn’t even have to ask. I’m good.

5. I was finally able to sell a home theatre amplifier on ebay after having to relist it 3 times. The first two times the price was clearly too high for bidders, then the 3rd time was the charm. It ended up selling at a higher price that I had originally listed it at the first time. Go figure. Now if someone will buy the matching speakers…

Hope you had an amazing week! Cheers to a fun birthday weekend celebrating the love of my life!

♥, VB

P.S. You can find my first High Five for Friday post here.

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