Florida and All Its Weirdness Turns 500

Florida and All Its Weirdness Turns 500

Have you ever stopped to look at the headlines and realized how many come from FL? And not even the normal, humdrum news. It’s like crazy eye-grabbing news, like “FL man arrested for downloading more than 1 million child pornography images” and “Pythons on the loose in FL” and “Dwayne Wade battles his crazy ass ex-wife for custody of his children because she’s crazy” (ok, I just threw that last one in, but I’m sure I’m paraphrasing a real headline about that). Remember the man-eating-another-man’s-face-because-of-bath-salts (but not really)? FL. Remember the man dying from roach eating contest. FL again.

WTF FL!? Where did we move to??

♥, VB