Significantly Insignificant

I’ve been struggling this week with writing a blog post for a number of reasons. One, nothing has really happened lately. We’ve been chugging along, doing our thangs, like we normally do. Timmy went out of town with his late father’s friends and all their sons for their annual fishing trip, then a quick stop in Atlanta to give out special awards at our high school’s wrestling banquet (celebrating the newly crowned State Champions!) in honor of his father as well as with our friend Jake, then off to Vegas for a work training. Next weekend is his mom’s wedding (when I’ll finally see him), and I’m sure after that, we’ll have tons of interesting and hilarious stories to share. Until then, I’m just taking care of Floyd as a single mom.

(Actually, side note: I did attend a kickball Meetup group in Tampa on Saturday, and I had a great time. It was nice getting out of the house and meeting people while having fun. I’m paying for it dearly today and am walking around like one of our many many senior citizen neighbors here in FL. Turns out that being a yoga devotee doesn’t set you up well for playing kickball. Who knew?)

But I was also having trouble writing anything down because of the horrible events that happened last week. The TX fire was horrendous, and I’m still so sad to hear about that tragedy. What a terrible thing to happen. But the Boston Marathon bombings hit a little too close to home for me and I’ve been definitely dealing with it alone. Not because I don’t have a supportive partner but because it brought me back to another time in my life that Timmy couldn’t possibly understand the same way.

When I started at NYU, I had never really been to NY, other than to visit the campus as a senior in high school. I knew I needed to be, had to be there, and applied early admission. When I found out I was accepted, I quickly decided that I didn’t give a flying f*&k about school anymore and dreamt of my new life as a liberated adult in NYC. It was the start of a brand new life, free of everything I had ever known and it was time to define myself in a entirely new way.

Two weeks later, 9/11 happened. Continue reading