Life Lately, According to my iPhone

Life has been pretty great lately. After all the traveling, things slowed down a bit, and I’m able to think clearly again. It’s so very nice.

We had a wedding last weekend in Atlanta which was a blast, and we have another wedding this weekend, which should be so so so fun. I have come down with a cold (thanks to the lady who was coughing up her lungs without covering her mouth on the plane last weekend…you suck), but I don’t care, I’m having fun this weekend no matter what.

Last weekend, we got a chance to visit with Matt after his first week of chemo, and I was so glad to be able to see him. After hearing about his stage 1 diagnosis, my mind was telling me “Yay! That’s good news as far as cancer is concerned.” But my heart was broken. Hearing this news so soon after Jake’s passing, I just don’t know how to describe the sadness I feel. And knowing about his chemo treatments, 5 days a week, 6 hours each day, one week on, two weeks off, 4 rounds…god, that’s going to be so rough on him and his family. I’ve been thinking about them nonstop, crying most mornings and fighting complete mental breakdown some days.

We also got to visit with Jake’s parents last weekend, and man, that was fun. Timmy had them dying laughing at some amazing Barbara stories. If only for 30 minutes, I’m glad we got them to laugh.

A few weekends ago, Timmy planned the best weekend in Lake Mary. We drove super fast cars at the Orlando Grand Prix where I was the only chick on the course and everyone was driving poorly (as in running into me and others. It’s not bumper cars…no wonder, since they were all dudes). We went to the Central Florida Zoo and were surprised at how sad zoos are once you’re an adult. The animals trapped in cages, unable to move very far…you don’t see that at all when you’re a child. And the weekend before that, we enjoyed a lovely day at Pass-A-Grille beach in St. Pete. God I love living here.

Here’s what life has been like the last month or so. Enjoy.

♥, VB

Life Lately, According to My iPhone

Ok, so some of the pix are from October, but it’s been a slow few weeks of picture taking. I can’t lie, it’s been nice to have some down time. But now that I’m moving to St. Pete in two short weeks (O.M.F.G.), and Christmas and NYE are right around the corner, shit’s about to get real, real fast, again. This is what life was like the last month or so. Enjoy!

On our 2nd to last wedding weekend of 2013, we traveled to Atlanta for an old friend of Timmy’s wedding in Greensboro, GA. Not only did I not know where that was, but it was in the middle of nowhere on this gorgeous farm that was just breathtaking. Yes, our shuttle arrived late to the venue and we were the last ones to arrive to the wedding and had to walk IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE GUEST LIST, including the WEDDING PARTY, in order to get to our seats, but hey, embarrassment is my middle name. Drama ensued later on the dance floor, but I chose to focus on the heat lamps because it was 32 degrees outside and the beautiful sunset instead.

Our last wedding of 2013, we traveled to Key Largo, FL for one of my oldest friend’s wedding, Bailey and Nick. I’ve known Bailey since Sunday School at Christ the King in Atlanta, where we met as 5 year olds. Later, when I was kicked out of school, I saw her in the cafeteria of Sutton, and we relaunched a friendship that created so many memories that I hold dear to this day. We also ended up at NYU together for college. Craziness. Nick and Bailey really know how to throw a party, let me tell you, because their wedding band was the most fun I’ve had in a long long time. They were so L.A., it was ridiculous. Plus, Bailey was the HOTTEST bride I’ve ever seen. Rock it girl.

Timmy was in Atlanta for a week, so I took pictures of Floyd doing cute things.

Thanksgiving weekend was a complete blast. We spent time with my family, including my nieces, at my sister and bro-in-law’s new house in Athens. It’s holy shit incredible. Like those were the exact words Timmy and I used when we saw the house. We celebrated the twins’ 3rd birthday a few days early (it’s actually on Dec 2), ate some delicious food, and loved on each other 🙂 We also spent a lot of time with Timmy’s family, which was so nice, since we hadn’t seen his nieces and nephew in MONTHS. We celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday (Alia’s) a little late at their lovely new home in Sandy Springs. We heart Raymond and Alia, they are the greatest. It was beautiful fall weather, and exactly what the holiday of Thanksgiving is all about.

♥, VB

Stop Doing That!

I am a lover of language. Let me clarify that even further: I am a lover of language when it’s used correctly.

Yes, I’m that person. Grammar police. Spelling nazi. Hater of people who do not know how to use dictionaries or Google.

So when I find something online that makes me smile because IT’S SO RIGHT, I want to share it with everyone so that the message gets out. Click here to read the list of things tons of people have done to drive me bonkers.

In fact, I just had this conversation with Timmy the other day about nauseous vs. nauseated. You become nauseated since something did it to you. You use nauseous to describe something that causes nausea.

This is a message you want to listen to. I truly do judge you when you speak like a moron. And clearly, I’m not the only one. 🙂


♥, VB

Life Lately (According to my iPhone)

What have we been doing lately? Do you really even need to ask anymore? I’ll give you one guess.

Here’s what my iPhone says we’ve been doing the last month or so. Enjoy!

Austin and Reina’s wedding. You can see a few pictures from the “60 Minutes” video the groomsmen created for Austin, a.k.a. Mr. Monogamy. It was hysterical. And take note of the paper cranes. Reina did them ALL BY HAND. Giiiirrrrrrrllll, that’s patience. Notice that we also take many dumb photos together while at weddings.

Trips back home to Atlanta always include a visit to one of our many favorite restaurants. While in town for Austin and Reina’s wedding, we stuffed our faces at Flip Burger Boutique. Go there. Just do it. Just don’t add the donut vodka to the Krispy Kreme Milkshake. Blech. (And yes, that does say Krispy Kreme milkshake. I told you to go there.) I also wore really cute shoes, introduced Austin to obesity in Orlando, saw some weird sky things happening, and saw what nice businesses do for people who can’t work.

Another wedding two weekends ago, this time Gino and Jessica, two of our closest friends. Jessica and I are life twins, which means that everything that has ever happened to one of us has absolutely happened to the other. It’s hysterical and creepy all at the same time. You’ll remember that this is also the amazing lady whose bachelorette party pictures I can never share with the outside world. Naughty. It was such a freaking fun night, and it’s always a blessing to see people who love each other make it official in front of people who love them. Congrats you guys, we love you.

This past week I burned my forehead and my nose (AGAIN) because it was Fall Wellness Week at USFSP. Everyday we held events outside to encourage students to seek out health and wellness resources, make healthy decisions, and raise awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Thursday’s Clothesline Project was an extremely powerful and emotional event where we displayed shirts created by survivors and families of victims of abuse, sexual assault, rape, and incest. Each shirt had a personal message to display on a large scale a very silent epidemic.

Oh yeah, and I also cut the shit out of my hair. Time to welcome back the old Victoria, short hair and all. I made it to my goal of growing my hair out until it longer did anything except lie on my head like soggy paper towels. 8.5 inches later, I’m a new/return-to-the-old woman!

Thanks for stopping by. As you’ve probably guessed, we have another wedding this upcoming weekend, followed by another wedding next weekend. Lord be with me and my credit cards.

♥, VB

Life Lately (according to my iPhone)

This is what my iPhone says we’ve been doing lately. Look at the pretty pictures and try to follow along!

♥, VB