Moving…and then moving again

So when we first started this little journey, it was because of me that Florida even came up as an option for jobs. I have been working for the CDC for the last three and a half years, and have been pretty much not fulfilled. I got my Master of Public Health degree from Emory University in 2009 for one main reason: to work in college health. And then the economy tanked and health education jobs went away, POOF, just like that. I kept trying though, over and over again, to keep applying and interviewing. Trying to the point of exhaustion and truly beginning to believe that God did NOT want me to have that type of job.

And then BAM, out of nowhere, Timmy was offered a major job upgrade in Orlando for Olympus surgical sales during a training in Vegas in October. (Seriously, who gets offered a job without ever applying for it!?!) So we moved forward with our plan to move because honestly, I was beginning to hate everything about my hometown. That’s what happens when your frustration levels boil over. We moved out of our cute little condo in Decatur in two weeks, put all of our stuff into a POD, moved myself into my parents’ basement, so Timmy could start work at the beginning of December.

Timmy did some recon and got us a place in Orlando, with plans of me finishing up my work and moving down at the end of January. With no real job prospects in sight for myself, I just planned on chilling, being a housewifey (if you know me, then you realize how dire my need for change was if I was willing to stay at home), and volunteer at Planned Parenthood. We signed a one-year lease on a nice large apartment, in a complex that had bajillions of amenities. Then, things started clicking for me as well. Continue reading