High Five for Friday

Today is yet another gloomy day in what is normally sunny, happy Florida weather. It doesn’t do much for my already sleep-deprived self, so I’m still trying to amp up the energy in anticipation for this weekend. It’s a St. Pete weekend and we’re celebrating Timmy’s 31st birthday! Last year’s 30th wasn’t exactly the birthday of dreams, so this time I’ve planned on so much more.

We’re having dinner on Saturday at a fancy restaurant on Beach Drive, which always peaked my curiosity every time I passed by on my daily walks last year. So pumped to go out and explore more of what this city has to offer.

Again, I’m still not heavy on the weekday action because I’m still binging on season 11 of Law & Order SVU. Until I’m done (I think it’s at season 14 currently), expect more boring stories. But, I’m pumped it’s Friday, and here’s why.

1.  I walked 10 miles this week. That’s awesome for obvious health reasons, but more so because I figured out that I can make my dog even more exhausted after a romping day at doggy daycare by making him walk with me. Cruel? Not so much. Genius? YES.

2. I revised my Belgian waffle recipe to include vanilla soy milk and WHAT A YUMMY DIFFERENCE. Sweet and thicker without being sugary and heavy. We have a staff breakfast potluck once a month, and I decided to try out a new recipe. I rocked it. Add chocolate chips and/or craisins, and I die.

3. Randomly, I got to hang out with one of my closest college friends on Saturday and it was completely unplanned. I was on FB and saw that Alex had checked into the Dali museum in downtown St. Pete and I immediately texted him. Turns out, he forgot I didn’t live in Atlanta anymore, and so we made plans to go out to dinner with another college friend and a new friend who lives in Tampa. We had a blast. We went to Bern’s Steakhouse, which was crazy amazing. The food was incredible and the place was cray cray. We were there for 2.5 hours, drinking, dining, and then eating dessert in their dessert room upstairs. Seriously, if you get a chance, save up and go there. We got a kitchen tour, wine cellar tour, and had a wonderful time. We also went out where the young people are, and I finally felt part of the world again.

4. Because I’m the best girlfriend in the world, I scored amazing tickets to 3 Braves Spring Training games in March for Timmy’s birthday. Their training games are held in Orlando, which makes it super convenient for him. He didn’t even have to ask. I’m good.

5. I was finally able to sell a home theatre amplifier on ebay after having to relist it 3 times. The first two times the price was clearly too high for bidders, then the 3rd time was the charm. It ended up selling at a higher price that I had originally listed it at the first time. Go figure. Now if someone will buy the matching speakers…

Hope you had an amazing week! Cheers to a fun birthday weekend celebrating the love of my life!

♥, VB

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San Francisco Dreams

I am obsessed with San Francisco. I have been ever since the first time I stepped foot off the plane in 10th grade on our way to a family vacation in Hawaii. (I think we had a stop there in the 6th grade when I went to Hawaii with a friend’s family, but I don’t remember it, so therefore it’s not a part of this nostalgic walk-through.) I have since been back three times for week-long vacations, and I soak up every little bit of the Northern Cali feel that’s so specific to San Fran and the wine country. Honestly, there’s no place like it on earth, and I have been dreaming about living there for at least some small portion of my life. I know it’s hella expensive, so spare me the “It’s so costly/you can’t afford rent/OMG you have to be rich to live there” talk because hey, I make such little money, everything is really expensive to me. Plus, I’m super thrifty (nice way to say cheap as hell) so I make fun happen all the time, any way I can.

Timmy and I took our first real proper vacation together in December 2012 to San Francisco so I could show him my 3rd love in this world and so that he could truly understand my obsession with that city. We’ve been to NY (such a freaking fast trip, it could hardly be called a vacation). He had never been to NY so I showed him around one of my first big city loves and college town. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but now it was time to slow down a bit and really take in the sights of a ginormous city like San Fran. It was Timmy’s 2nd intro ever to Cali. We had gone to California a few months before for, shocker!, a wedding! It was Jenny and Joe’s wedding, which seriously, was one of the most gorgeous events ever.

my dearest Jenny. How I love her.

Shut. Up.

love on the dancefloor. or "DJ's got us falling in love"

love on the dancefloor. or “DJ’s got us falling in love”

Shut. Your. Mouthhole.

Shut. Your. Mouthhole.

groom and great friend Joe. What we would do without him?

groom and great friend Joe. What we would do without him?


End of the night, but one of my fav pix ever

They are two of my really good friends from NYU and you’ll never meet more incredibly genuine, kind, and thoughtful people anywhere. Before that wedding, Timmy had never been to Cali, so we did our best in those three days to drink as much wine at wineries as we could, drive along the Pacific Coast Hwy from LA to Solvang, and eat at In-N-Out.

We stayed with the two Js for this trip, who have the MOST AMAZING PLACE EVER at such a freaking steal, and it was perfect. From start to finish, it was a perfect trip. And bonus, we didn’t have a wedding to go to!! It was just traveling, sight seeing, eating amazing food, and hanging with incredible people. It reset our minds, energy, and motivation for the future. Perfection, I tell you, perfection.

I’m writing about this trip now for a few reasons: Continue reading