No Voice, Something to Say

So remember all that talk about me being sick? That was quite a doozy of a week that I never got a chance to fill you in on.

I completely lost my voice for over a week. Like, not even a squeak. Have you ever completely lost your voice? I remember it happening maybe in 4th or 5th grade, but not for over a week. It was torture.

Two weeks ago, I spent most of my time at home pouring prescription eyedrops in my eyes to rid myself of the pinkeye and trying to catch up on any sleep I could. I celebrated my 31st birthday at home, alone, taking online classes through the weekend for my Michigan program, missing the incredible weather and waking up at 7 AM Saturday and Sunday (which we all know is not an easy thing for me).

That sucked. I knew it was coming, and it really helped that I had no voice because it made me feel less bad that Timmy wasn’t over to keep me company. I mean, that would’ve been anti-fun for him, sitting around ALL DAY, watching me take online classes, then not even be able to have a conversation with me. But it still sucked.

So this past weekend, after a few staff and Division retreats that left me even more wiped out, I made Timmy promise that we would have an amazing time in St. Pete to belatedly celebrate my birthday. And it was a fantastic weekend.

I love when people ask me about my group of friends down here. I usually respond, “What group of friends?” Not to sound self-pitying in any way, but we all know what it’s like to move somewhere and start over. It’s not that I don’t have work friends, it’s just that it’s always awkward to try to make friends from scratch as an adult. It’s like the most uncomfortable kind of dating situation you’ve ever been in. And because we lived so far away last year, I missed a really crucial time to get to know people outside of work.

But this time, I bit the bullet and asked a few people that I know for a fact are cool enough to handle a local brewery on a Friday night to come meet us out to celebrate. And we had the greatest time, listening to a 3-piece jam band that may or may not have been a Mormon family (we couldn’t tell), playing cornhole and giant-sized Connect 4, and drinking the night away. I have no pictures, that’s how fun the night was. I can now say, finally, that I have friends in St. Pete. 🙂

Saturday, of course, I woke up with a ginormous pinched nerve in my neck, so going to the beach to hangout with said group of friends was out of the question. But we ended up going to one of the last Saturday Morning Farmer’s Markets with Floyd and touring my campus and the waterfront. Later that night, we went to Taste of Pinellas (if you know me, you know I’m into food and festivals, and MAN, how I’ve missed those two together) and listened to K.C. & The Sunshine Band and The Blues Brothers w/Dan Ackroyd and Jim Belushi. It was one of the most fun nights we’ve had in a long while.

Am I dating myself if I admit that I’ve now seen K.C. & His Sunshine People 3 times now?

♥, VB

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