Top 100 Sex, Lust & Love Blogs & Online Destinations


YOOOUUU GUUYYYSSSS!! Healthy Sex and You, the sexual health education blog that I’ve been running for two and a half years, has been listed as #95 on this amazing list of Top 100 Sex, Lust, and Love Blogs and Online Destinations!!

“This commendable list highlights the most influential and engaging bloggers who broadcast topics associated with sex, dating, relationships, and love. This list is part of’s ongoing effort to emphasize the importance of healthy relationships and sexual practices”

As part of being in the top 100 (WHAT AN HONOR), each winner will receive $500 in gift cards. So you know what that means…


Stay tuned for that and more! Again, what an honor to be included on this list. My hope is to remain true to the review:

“The fact that Healthy Sex and You is run by a sexual health educator adds to the decidedly authoritative feel of the blog, but in the best way possible. Rather than the questionable vibe of the many opinionated sex blogs out there, this blog feels like the wise advice of the coolest high school health teacher ever (you know, the one who keeps it real). Well-designed infographics, interesting articles from all over the web, and recurring features like Hump Day music posts combine to make a very cool site where education is the focus. This is the stuff that health classes should be made of: up-to-date information and an informal, non-judgmental safe haven for asking questions and learning about your body and sexuality.”

Thank you again to! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy weekend!

♥, VB

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