Anniversaries, Celebrations, and Ramblings

Today is my one year anniversary of blogging here at From Peaches to Beaches! Woohoo! Thank you to all the readers who think our adventures through Florida, commuting, lack of sleep, patience, and Floyd are worth reading about. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it ain’t, so I thank you for sticking with us! It’s only going to get better/crazier.

I took a break from blogging, both here and at Healthy Sex and You, mainly because I’m freaking exhausted from this past year and I needed a serious hiatus from the online world. I’ll get back to regular blogging now that I have internet in my NEW PLACE. More to come on that later.

We went on a Disney cruise two weeks ago with my family, and those little germ vectors, I mean, kids, got me sick. We were in Atlanta all last week and I was sick half of it. That sucked. So to all my friends that I waited until the last minute to try to make plans with, now you know why.

Tonight Timmy and I are planning a festive outing to celebrate not only New Year’s Eve but also our 4 year anniversary that was technically two weeks ago. But throw in a fight, packing, movers that didn’t show up twice, and a cold that kicked my ass, and we weren’t really in a celebratory mindspace. So I’ll wear my sparkly gear tonight and Timmy’s curling up the ends of his mustache as we attend a James Bond-themed party. (That wasn’t a euphemism. Timmy’s mustache is now long enough to curl the ends up and it’s a good look for him. I’m encouraging it.)

Sorry for the ramblings in this post, but I did want to just leave you with a big fat HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2013 certainly brought some downs for our relationship, but good Lord did I have the best year professionally EVER. Now that this year is on the way out, I sense goodness ahead. Nothing but short commutes, brighter minds, clearer focus, and more love.

I hope you have the best night ever and please be safe.

Cheers to 2014!!!

♥, VB (and Timmy & Floyd in spirit)


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