Stop Doing That!

I am a lover of language. Let me clarify that even further: I am a lover of language when it’s used correctly.

Yes, I’m that person. Grammar police. Spelling nazi. Hater of people who do not know how to use dictionaries or Google.

So when I find something online that makes me smile because IT’S SO RIGHT, I want to share it with everyone so that the message gets out. Click here to read the list of things tons of people have done to drive me bonkers.

In fact, I just had this conversation with Timmy the other day about nauseous vs. nauseated. You become nauseated since something did it to you. You use nauseous to describe something that causes nausea.

This is a message you want to listen to. I truly do judge you when you speak like a moron. And clearly, I’m not the only one. šŸ™‚


ā™„, VB

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