Life Lately (According to my iPhone)

What have we been doing lately? Do you really even need to ask anymore? I’ll give you one guess.

Here’s what my iPhone says we’ve been doing the last month or so. Enjoy!

Austin and Reina’s wedding. You can see a few pictures from the “60 Minutes” video the groomsmen created for Austin, a.k.a. Mr. Monogamy. It was hysterical. And take note of the paper cranes. Reina did them ALL BY HAND. Giiiirrrrrrrllll, that’s patience. Notice that we also take many dumb photos together while at weddings.

Trips back home to Atlanta always include a visit to one of our many favorite restaurants. While in town for Austin and Reina’s wedding, we stuffed our faces at Flip Burger Boutique. Go there. Just do it. Just don’t add the donut vodka to the Krispy Kreme Milkshake. Blech. (And yes, that does say Krispy Kreme milkshake. I told you to go there.) I also wore really cute shoes, introduced Austin to obesity in Orlando, saw some weird sky things happening, and saw what nice businesses do for people who can’t work.

Another wedding two weekends ago, this time Gino and Jessica, two of our closest friends. Jessica and I are life twins, which means that everything that has ever happened to one of us has absolutely happened to the other. It’s hysterical and creepy all at the same time. You’ll remember that this is also the amazing lady whose bachelorette party pictures I can never share with the outside world. Naughty. It was such a freaking fun night, and it’s always a blessing to see people who love each other make it official in front of people who love them. Congrats you guys, we love you.

This past week I burned my forehead and my nose (AGAIN) because it was Fall Wellness Week at USFSP. Everyday we held events outside to encourage students to seek out health and wellness resources, make healthy decisions, and raise awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Thursday’s Clothesline Project was an extremely powerful and emotional event where we displayed shirts created by survivors and families of victims of abuse, sexual assault, rape, and incest. Each shirt had a personal message to display on a large scale a very silent epidemic.

Oh yeah, and I also cut the shit out of my hair. Time to welcome back the old Victoria, short hair and all. I made it to my goal of growing my hair out until it longer did anything except lie on my head like soggy paper towels. 8.5 inches later, I’m a new/return-to-the-old woman!

Thanks for stopping by. As you’ve probably guessed, we have another wedding this upcoming weekend, followed by another wedding next weekend. Lord be with me and my credit cards.

♥, VB

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