My 30th and Other Important Dates

I turned 30 on Saturday. No screaming. No tantrums. No heated cries of, “IT’S MY 30th AND I DON’T WANT A PARTY!!!” No breakdowns or introverted moments. Just pure happiness. Excitement. Joy. Anticipation.

Don’t think you’ll feel like that when you turn 30 or any other major birthday? Wonder how I did it? Join me, will you, as I take you down the I love getting older street.

I’ve been excited for my 30th for a while now. Probably since I turned 25 because let’s face it, the birthdays after 25 aren’t really anything at all. Sure it’s nice to get together with friends and family and celebrate the fact that you didn’t die prematurely in the last year, but really, what was there to look forward to at 26? 27? 28? 29? But 30, ah 30 is something special. A nice round number to mark the start of your 3rd decade on earth. The magical decade where you supposedly let go of all your insecurities, body issues, unattainable and ridiculous dreams and get comfortable with yourself, your choices, and your surroundings.

Fortunately for me, my 30s aren’t going to look anything like that because: 1) I let go of those insecurities and body issues a long time ago (barring my thighs, which perhaps, I will always dislike. But the rest of me…I got it going on, so don’t hate); 2) I’ve already met a bunch of my life goals/bucket list items and don’t feel like anything I have left to do are unattainable anymore; and 3) if you know me, you know I’m pretty much unapologetic for my choices and myself (unless I did something wrong, which I will own up to and say I’m sorry).

30 means something different for everyone, but for me, I can honestly say I’m exactly where I thought I would be when I was younger. OK, that’s a lie, Lakeland was definitely not in that vision, Cali was (and will happen someday goddammit), but that’s besides the point. What did I know back then?

  • I knew I would get my dream job, and I did.
  • I knew I would be writing about sex, and I am (find me here at
  • I knew I would have someone in my life who supports me, who loves me for me, who doesn’t judge me or shame me, but instead encourages and pushes me to accomplish more, and I do!
  • I knew I would have a solid sense of self, family, friends, and life, and I really really really do.
  • I knew I wouldn’t take people’s shit any more, and I don’t.
  • I knew I would still have a problem with practicing patience, and I do.
  • I knew I would be unlike anyone else, and I am.

Does that sound conceited? If it does, oh well, get over it. Modesty is not one of my strongest points, and honestly why should I be? I have everything in this world to be thankful for, so I’ll just go ahead admit what I love about my life and myself.

(Side note: If you thought this blog would be a place for humility and stoicism, um, just keep moving. That ain’t us.)

This weekend was just an amazing celebration of everything that I am thankful for. The weekend started with cupcakes from my coworkers. They were delish and sadly, left at the office because of the peanut butter frosting. Someone is allergic to peanuts, and I couldn’t risk an ER trip by accidentally poisoning my one and only. But they were pretty.

30th cupcakes from work

Saturday started with breakfast in bed. Timmy, being the thoughtful man that he is, went out (very sneakily I might add) to Waffle House and Starbucks and also made me a cava mimosa, which, YUM! He put a picture of it on FB and everyone went all nuts, like, “OOOOH, you’re so amazing!” and “OOOOOH I never get breakfast in bed, you’re an awesome boyfriend!” Hey everyone, remember the time I did it and didn’t get any shout outs from y’all about it? Yeah, well I remember. But I’m not bitter or anything.

Chocolate pancakes, bacon, and OJ. Power 30th breakfast. I didn't invent breakfast in bed, but I made it from scratch that day.

Chocolate pancakes, bacon, and OJ. Power 30th breakfast. I didn’t invent breakfast in bed, but I made it from scratch that day.

We then drove to downtown Tampa for a little R&T&R (rest, theater, and relaxation…I should probably add a B in there for bubbly). One of my friends from NY is in the traveling national production of Warhorse (which you should immediately go out and purchase tickets to. I’m not kidding, go do it. Bookmark this blog post and come back to it when you’re done buying tickets. You’ll thank me, I promise). I love plays and musicals and theater and we hadn’t gone in such a long time, so I was thrilled to get a chance to sit and be entertained.

Nevermind the extremely aged population that also attended the Saturday matinee, complete with one woman who was SOBBING the entire time (like full body-racking sobs), and the woman behind us who forgot she wasn’t in her living room at home who yelled “I REMEMBER THIS PART” so loudly that the castmembers heard the shushing the audience gave her.

We got to take a backstage tour with Chris, which was so awesome. I hadn’t been backstage in YEARS, not since my ballet days, and when we ended up on stage, I fought the massive urge to tombé pas de bourré off right stage. Then we stood in the limelight for 5 seconds and decided it was time to day drink.

Ready to see Warhorse, 7 rows back.

remember this guy? He was Joey in Warhorse and ripped-pants-man in Denise's wedding

remember this guy? He was Joey in Warhorse and ripped-pants-man in Denise’s wedding

We're famous (in my mind)

We’re famous (in my mind)

Warhorse backstage

Spotlight meet Timmy. Timmy, Spotlight. I'm sure you've met.

Spotlight meet Timmy. Timmy, Spotlight. I’m sure you’ve met.

After our brush with the stage, we went out and drank a lot and ate some mislabeled tapas that were actually the size of my head. We walked by a cuh-razy car COVERED in Miami Heat logos and pictures. It was a SMART car if I’m not mistaken and this was the only picture I could get before someone walked up who sort of looked like he may be the owner. I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

Miami Heat fans are angry (and kinda crazy)

Miami Heat fans are angry (and kinda crazy)

We got super upgraded at the hotel because Timmy mentioned my birthday at the front desk and we ended up with one of the best patio views I’ve ever had in a hotel. It pays to birthday-drop.

Our view from our hotel

Our view from our hotel

I know you're jealous. You can admit it.

I know you’re jealous. You can admit it.

Once in the hotel room, Timmy surprised me again with two gorgeous bouquets of flowers. 36 roses in total. Just so beautiful. He admitted that he only wanted 30 roses for my 30th birthday but they only do roses in dozens so he was going to come up with a story to help explain the extra 6.

The best he came up with was, “We’ve been together for 3.5 years, but I’m sure it feels like 6 to you.” R.O.M.A.N.C.E.

30 for the ESPN movies

30 for 30…like the ESPN movies

6 white roses

We spent the rest of the night lounging in bed and eating pizza and drinking Prosecco. That pretty much sums us up — down to earth with a shot of classy and unexpected thrown in.

There have been other important dates that have happened, and I’ll get to that now (I know I know, the world doesn’t revolve around me, but I’ll never stop hoping that one day it will.)

Timmy’s mom got married last weekend! Mazel! It was so so so so much fun, and in true Trey and Barbara style, the reception was held at good ole Frontera Mexican Restaurant. It wouldn’t have been the same without this place. Margaritas were had by all (and for some, too many were had by a few, including Trey’s police-officer son who spent the later part of the evening hurling outside of the passenger seat window in the parking lot…Mazel!), and an amazing family was blended together.

Giving his mother away

Giving his mother away

I guess they're the marrying kind

I guess they’re the marrying kind

they're married

Ole Y'all!

Ole Y’all!

Another happy couple

Another happy couple

Enjoying the memory

Enjoying the memory

So needless to say, the last two weekends were amazing and definitely part of the lifelong memory book. It’s amazing the different paths your life can take when you let your life take you places (if you steal that sentence, you’d better give me credit). 3 years ago, I would’ve never imagined myself in Lakeland, celebrating my 30th in Tampa, and wishing the best to the newlywed couple of Barbara and Trey. But 3 years later, look at what happened! And 3 years ago, I definitely wouldn’t have imagined our little Floydster bringing so much joy into our lives. It’s only fitting to leave you with pictures of how these two weeks began and ended — with snuggles from our little man.

Snuggles from Floyd

Snuggles from Floyd

snuggles from Floyd. again.

snuggles from Floyd. again.

♥, VB

10 thoughts on “My 30th and Other Important Dates

  1. Happy 30th! Loved reading your post. Have y’all been to Bern’s Steak House yet? You should try it some time but be prepared to spend a lot of money! It’s an unusual environment too, but fun for sure!

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