Music Festivals, Oh How I Love/Hate You

Music Festivals, Oh How I Love/Hate You

I saw this the other day on one of my favorite sites, The Frisky, and I just died laughing. This mock music festival poster so completely and honestly captures what all music fests turn out to really be like. They’re fun, sweaty, loud, and full of drunk kids and weed smoke.

I may or may not have been one of those kids back in the day, you’ll never know (unless you were with me, in that case, keep it quiet peeps).

Anywhoo, I got all nostalgic since one of my friends sent out an email about a free concert for the NCAA basketball tournament in Atlanta. It’s supposedly going to be a huge deal at Centennial Park, so make it out if you can. I’ll still be here in FL, hopefully enjoying some more beach time and avoiding the sweaty festival goers.

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